Sunday, November 27, 2016

An Almost Forgotten Place

Hi Everyone!

A long time ago at The Southbury Training School, a facility that houses individuals with intellectual disabilities, once owned and operated a thriving dairy farm in the towns of Southbury and Roxbury that began in the early 1940s when the school initially opened. Governor Malloy has since conveyed 800 acres of the land to the Department of Agriculture protecting the land for agricultural use.  Today, a small portion of the land still remains with the Southbury Training School as the school continues to operate a Christmas tree and chicken farm.

Although the farm is abandoned, it still gives a beautiful, scenic view along with crisp, clean air and a nice old fashioned country feel to it.

It doesn't feel like a farm that has been shut down but a farm that was simply abandoned one day.  Farm equipment and old trucks still remain.

What appears as a cattle house is still standing.  It's a bit overgrown but still in decent shape and could be used again.  I went inside by way of the door that you can see just beyond the overgrown brush.

 Here is view from a different angle that shows more of the overgrown brush...and also the source of my recent "Vintage Beauty" that some of you may have seen last week.

Once inside, you can imagine the animals lined up and the sweat that was put into caring for them. The cattle house is quite long and is L shaped.

This section alone seems to have held at least 50 cattle.
This structure is thought to have been the slaughterhouse, although I'm not certain.  At one time, Southbury Training School was completely dependent of this farm so it wouldn't be a surprise.

If you have the opportunity, visit the farm.  You can still buy Christmas trees and eggs there and see for yourself how beautiful it is.

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