Saturday, May 4, 2019

My Photographer's Block

Hey Everyone!

What is Photographer's Block?  It's pretty much the same as Writer's Block, lol.  It happens to many of us from time to time.  I'm currently getting coming out of one of my blocks and wanted to share what has helped me.

Believe it or not, what has really been beneficial was for me to step back, put the camera down, and look and listen.  When I say look and listen, I mean relax and take time for yourself.  For me, it was reading books, watching movies (huge Hallmark fan), people watching and just kind of getting myself out there when I can but without the camera.  You're probably wondering why wouldn't I take the camera?  When my mind is blocked, taking the camera with me without having the motivation and inspiration makes me feel forced and then when I shoot I hate everything I shot.

I attended a MS Walk in New York a few weeks back.  I was not familiar at all with where the walk was.  It was held at Glen Island Park in New York.  We get there and there is nothing but fog but entered through a beautiful entrance and were along Long Island Sound. By the time I got out of the car I was mesmerized because I couldn't really see anything but at the same time I could.  I love fog, it's mysterious and on this day it was so thick all we could see was what was right in front of us.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, I saw friends and family and really enjoyed myself.  I was out in the fresh air, walking and the sun same out!  The fog burned off and I found myself in a beautiful, scenic park. Was I kicking myself for not having a camera?  Not really, I know I can come back and I will come back.  This day was about something else.

I took one photo that day, with a phone.  Just one photo, but this one photo really did it for me.  As I was editing this photo I remembered the events from the day.  I remembered the laughter I heard and the tears of joy that I saw.  Most of all, I remember the peace that I felt within myself.  My head was clear and I left there that day rejuvenated and happy that I had participated in the event.  I was inspired by others and the place I was in.  That inspired me on so many levels.  That inspiration is what got me this one photo and this one photo inspired me to do more and has been been taking my creativity in another direction.

This is the photo I took and the last of the fog that was burning off.  Please enjoy and check back for more to come!

Til Next Time,