Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hello Spring!!


Hi Everyone!

I'd like you to meet Spring....she is a rescue dog that I had the pleasure of meeting today.  Spring is currently looking for her forever home.  She has had quite a bit of a rough start in life.  She was found in horrible condition with ear infections, dry eyes, skin infections, and then diagnosed with malignant masses.  She had also been bred far too many times for her body to handle.  Thankfully, through donations and gifts Spring has been able to receive treatment and her eyes and skin have cleared up.  Some of her masses have been removed and she is currently scheduled for another surgery on the 27th of this month to be spayed and have a few more masses removed.  She is on the road to recovery!  Spring amazingly seems to be getting through it all and is very loving and affectionate.  When I met her this morning, I wouldn't have guessed that she has been going through such a terrible ordeal.  She was very friendly and in good spirits.

Spring is currently being fostered with a loving family.  Unfortunately, she does not do too well with other animals and they have 3 other dogs.  She would need to be in a home where she is the only pet. However, she does play very well with children.

Spring loves to roll around in the grass, and get belly rubs.  She does well on a leash so she can enjoy those beautiful walks with you.

Take a look at some of the pictures from earlier today:

She is just too cute!!  She understands and obeys "sit" and is not aggressive at all.  During our session she played with two kids.  They ran around with her and gave her little treats.  

Just basking in the sun
Portrait time!

Enjoys walks
 I could have played with Spring all day.  She and I had fun in the grass with the camera.  At first, I could tell she was curious about what I was doing but she caught on quick, loved the attention and just went with the flow, lol.
Spring showing some love to her foster mom
If you are interested in giving Spring her forever home, please contact the Wolcott Dog Pound at (203) 879-7620 or their rescue partners, Thank Dog Rescue at:  Best wishes to Spring on finding her forever home!

Til next time,