Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dividend Falls

Hi Everyone!

We got some beautiful Fall weather this weekend!  Today was a little cooler but yesterday was perfect.  I got out to see Dividend Falls and it was beautiful!  It was probably the easiest waterfall to get to as well because you can hear the waterfall just as soon as you hit the trail and a few seconds later you start to see it through the trees.  Dividend was the site for Rocky Hill's first industrial park.  There were a few mills and factories that used to be where the falls are that dated back as far as the 1600's!  I saw some of the  remaining portions of the foundations once I got down to the bottom.  There is also a remaining staircase that borders the waterfall that you can walk on. 

Listen to the sound of the falls.....there is just something so calming about the sound of rushing water:

Here are a few pictures of falls:

The lighting that comes thru the trees in certain parts is amazing.  It's always really cool to watch the lighting change as the afternoon goes on.

This one was taken on the other side by crossing over a set of logs that are stretched across the water.  There is a railing made of some sort of rubber rope to hold on to while crossing.

If you look really close, you can see that my son has again gotten himself in the shot in the upper right hand corner.  He almost blends in so I didn't notice him until after the fact.  It appears that he is taking a picture of me taking the shot.  Believe it or not, he also climbed back up to the top and jumped across the width of the falls.  I'm still not sure how he did that as I only saw him as he was mid air.  Sorry folks, I didn't capture that because I was a scared mom on that one.  He was instructed not to do that again, lol.

I will be going back out here again because there is some history with the industrial park that I'd like to check out and share.  Hopefully, I can get back out before the weather gets too cold so stay tuned!

Til next time!

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