Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Morning Shenanigans

Hi Everyone!

It's turned out to be a beautiful weekend!  Here in CT, we have hit 50 and it's sunny so that's a big win at the moment, lol.

I spent most of yesterday editing so a break was needed.  I went to my happy place, Rockwell Park, in Bristol where I go to unwind and just do me.  Coffee and cameras in hand I made my way down by the old concession building.  It was my intention to get scenic shots and maybe sit in the sun for a few.

I get down the steps near the pond and I see a whole bunch of ducks rushing over to my side.  That had me curious because as many times as I've been here, I've never seen all the ducks in this pond.  I usually find them in the second pond farther back in the park.  I go over to the brick wall and they are all staring at me.  Of course,  I have nothing to feed them and they appear to be glaring at me as if they are wondering what the hell am I doing over there with no food? Now I feel terrible and figure I better just go on about my business and leave them alone.  Well, I start walking away and around to the other side of the pond so I can take pictures.  I see them trying to follow me and I think it's cool because there isn't a wall on the other side of the pond and they can come out and maybe I'll get some shots of them.  So now I"m on the other side and I'm shooting some of the scenery when I hear this funny, chipping sound that then turns into crunching.  I turn around and realize that half the pond is still full of ice!  They can't get over to where I am and they're trying to chip through.

Below is the shot of them I got trying to break thru, there was team effort happening.
 Now I've forgotten about the scenery and curious to see if they can get through. I sat for about a half hour on the steps and watched them try, then pull back, try again and then turn in another direction to try again.  They were quite adamant about this.

Finally, they broke thru and made their way over to me on the steps.  Same problem, no food.  I do believe I was shamed by the wildlife today, lol. They stared and stared and I felt like I could hear their thoughts.  I sincerely apologized and picked up my camera.  They went after the grass with a vengeance and I picked up my camera and had some fun with them.  They didn't even seem to mind that I was there. They played and fought amongst themselves and a couple of times even posed for me.

The Alpha, he kept watch between me and his crew.  The order he kept was amazing.  One of them started to act up and he simply strutted over over, made a sound, and all was under control again.  He wasn't even loud, it was more like a "Don't do it" warning.

Their webbed feet were eerie but cute. They are beautiful creatures and I enjoyed watching them.

A hour and a half later, I said my goodbyes and walked out out of the park with a smile on my face and my pace set for the day.

Have a great week!

Til next time,

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